Celebrate Life 18 Jewelry is created with spiritual meaning.  Each piece is designed with groups of 18 beads because the gematria (numeric equivalent) of the word Chai, meaning life in Hebrew, is the number 18.  Within each group of 18 beads will always be at least one red (adom in Hebrew) bead to represent  power and strength and to imbue the wearer with special meaning.

Hand Woven Jewelry  to Celebrate and Memorialize Life Cycle Events

Celebrate Life 18 hand woven, personalized jewelry for life cycle events gematria, numerology

Necklaces and Bracelets Can be Personalized 

Personalized designs are based on the  gematria and numerology of a name.  For gift giving or personal use each piece comes with a complete explanation of the design process and insight into the meaning of the name.

L’Chaim  to a  long life filled with good health and strength!