About the artist

Celebrate Life 18 artist with family,Celebrate Life 18 hand woven custom necklaces and wrap bracelets with semi precious stone beads, with spiritual meaning, personalized and based on gematria and numerology and hand painted & personalized porcelain

Janis Cash Weisberg with husband, granddaughter and granddogs

Janis first became interested in decorative arts while majoring in Art History at Mary Washington College.  Her interest in hand painted porcelain was further inspired while working in her family’s  antiques business.  She began studying  over glaze porcelain painting more than 25 years ago and then had the great privilege to study porcelain painting in Italy on several occasions.

Janis started beading 15 years ago.  She has always enjoyed collecting and working with semi precious stones, pearls and unusual beads.  in more recent years her interest in numerology and gematria (the ancient study of the  numerical value of letters in words) has led her to create jewelry incorporating  personal  symbolism for the wearer.

Janis is the sole owner of Celebrate Life 18, formerly Kate Marley & Co.  Much of her work is Judaic in nature and this gives Janis fulfillment.   “I receive great spiritual satisfaction from creating works that have meaningful significance to others.”